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Re: [IP] ADD and the pump

> But my question here is --- has anyone
> had the experience of being put on meds for ADD only to find they were not
> needed when blood sugars were more stable?>

I am a special teacher who has worked with ADD kids I would recommend that
you explain to the special Ed teacher and classroom teachers and other staff
members the facts of diabetes and the implications of high and low blood
sugar.  I would further recommend that you do not have him tested further
until he has become stabilized on the pump.  At that time--they will be able
to more accurately assess his true condition.   Adding any additional meds
to his current regimen would further complicate his problems.  I have found
that most kids put on meds at this age don't even want to eat.  If you would
like to try it--give him a cup of regular coffee when he is most hyper--that
seems to settle down lots of those ADD type students.  This is just a
recommendation--hope it helps!

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Type I for 44 years
Began pumping w/MM 507C 8/31/99
....and loving it

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