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[IP] Back to "Normal"?

Ok, before anyone says, what is normal?  I just want to say I'm back to MY
normal.  I had taken a steroid burst for hives last week and took the last
pill Monday morning.  Last night, I had my first awful low since starting
the pump, figured it was time to put all my raised basals back to normal,
and today my bg's are back to what they were pre-steroid.  I was a little
worried since I had raised my basals across the board .3 to combat the highs
from the steroid.  I was afraid I wouldn't go back to the old amounts.  But,
WHAM, last night I started shaking and sweating and was reallllllll confused
(at least more than usual for me, lol), checked my bg and it was 18.  So, I
think it was a sign!  *grin*  So, you all, I'm back to  "MY NORMAL" now!
*relieved smile*

RoseLea and Max...

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