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Re: [IP] I'm Back!!! (Dum De Dum Dumm Dummm....)

Melissa wrote:

>>I am just catching up on the news, so please excuse me
if these questions sound stupid.  First, have the new
pumps (the Disetronic D-TRON and Animas R-1000) become
avaliable?  Second, why hasn't the UltraFlex Soft
Infusion Set become avaliable yet?  (My CDE showed it
to me the other day, and I really liked it and wanted
to try it, but I was told it wasn't available yet.)<<

Welcome back Melissa, will we see you at Disetronic Chat Monday night?  :o)
As far as the D-Tron goes, we're still being told the first of August, but
here it is August 10, and no D-Tron yet.  I called Disetronic about the
UltraFlex and was told it would be available sometime the end of the summer.
So we all still wait.

RoseLea and Max...

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