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[IP] jan's cooking

Natalie SEra wrote:
>  have you ever tried her CHEESECAKE?? Who can think of fudge 
>  when there's cheesecake??  That is, if you have enough room 
>  after the matza ball soup.  Sigh!

Well she gave me a square of fudge BEFORE we ate at the rainforest cage,and 
since we BOTH ordered dessert (bread pudding and chocolate diablo) I saved 
the piece for later....thinking presshhuuuss did not need the additional 
workout...and I was so full, I declined the offer to take more...sigh is 
right...I want Jan to adopt ME!!!  (sorry Yerachmiel...<g>

AND welcome back Natalie...where have you been?

NYC Sara SP, NOT to be confused with Natalie SEra, or Sara MG
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