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[IP] scary hypos/dropping presshuss

When I told you all about droping my pump last night, Jennifer and a few 
othrees suggested:
> go to your nice little glucose meter and do just a
>  widdle, bitty bwud test...Okaaaaayyyyyy??

well nyah nyah nyah....   :-P   I had tested...I was 129....i was not low, 
just had slippery hands due to the unholy heat and humidity we have been 
subjected to in BROOKLYN lately!!!  plus I had on NO CLOTHES (remember this 
IS a clothing optional list) and had nothing to tuck old pressshhhuuuusss 

>  My sympathies to presssssshhhhhuuusss for all abuse she's taking.

who said presshhuuusss was female??

>     Now Where's the fudge???

in my tummy a week ago...

Sara SP
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