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[IP] mental clarity

been reading this thread with interest.  I was a straight A student, except 
for one C in high school (physics!), and only 3 C's in college (damn french 
teacher didnt like me I guess), and I am confident I NEVER had an even, 
smooth, in control day of diabetes.  I am sure I bounced from 40 to 400...I 
recall my diet and habits and just shudder to think what could have happened, 
adn then I wonder how much BETTER I could have done if I had known then what 
I know now...

Now, today, in these more enlightened times, I do see myself functioning 
better sub 180, but think, after all those years of HAVING to try harder to 
meet my own personal standards (to say nothing of my parents expectations), I 
have trained myself to plug on through to successful completion of whatever I 
undertake despite how my body "feels"

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