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Re: Subject: [IP] I need Everyones help-Please

   I need to call you on this one. I was a over the road driver back in a past life and yes the DOT did pull my license from me once I started to take insulin; BUT many years later I was send a form for my doctor and me to fill out from the DOT to get back my license because of the work done by the ADA and others it is now law that each case must be looked at, to see that kind of control you have. It is not ease to get but it can be done. I drove for about two years before I had to stop because of other problems. One more thing; I had the BEST record of all of the drivers, always on time, no problems of any kind, and once I stop myself, I was made the Foreman and Trainer of all drivers(I still was license too).So....................
email @ redacted wrote:
> You cannot be IDDM to get a commercial drivers license endorsement on your driver's license.  IDDM is an absolute contraindication to getting a CDL endorsement.
Spot and Christine

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