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Re: [IP] highs and lows - how do you feel?

I am most edified by those of you who've posted your feelings at
different BG levels, because it's something I've never much discussed
with people!!

I'm especially intrigued by the mental clarity stuff. 

For me, below 70 is jittery, thinking fast, but jumbled, so that I
really doubt I make a whole lot of sense -- I can't find the right word,
so something similar in sound but different in meaning pops out, but I'm
still rational and able to treat the hypo. 

I've never been below 40 on my meter -- even in the 40's, though, I was
able to figure out I was low and do something about it, even though I
felt very weak and trembly.

I feel best at 80 - 120 range -- alert, vibrant, energetic, etc.  

As far as highs, I get groggy above about 180 or so -- and if I'm in the
200's for very long, I become pretty non-functional in terms of not
wanting to do anything but sleep. 

If I go much above 250, I turn into a real bitch, and no one can stand
to be around me -- no one has noticed anything except that I'm mean. And
they think I'm doing it on purpose.  

Sometimes I think a hidden, but disabling complication of diabetes is
exactly these behavior changes -- no one knows what's happening, and
they tend to be very judgmental about it. It can get you in a lot of
trouble, and people tend not to believe you. Or maybe you're luckier
than I am! 
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