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[IP] 5 hours with no insulin

I had a bad experience yesterday and thought I would share it. Last evening
before I went on a walk I accidentally pulled out my set, I knew it might
have come out but I thought I managed to get it pushed back in. I tested bg
1 hour after my walk and it seemed a little high but nothing to worry about,
I assumed at that point that my set was in place. I fell asleep and 4 hours
later I felt very bad, nausea, headache, dry sticky mouth and high bg. I
changed sets immediately and started to feel better within 1-2 hours. How
long can a person go without insulin and still function, I am amazed that it
was only 5 hours and I felt so terrible. What if I hadn't woken up to test
would I have gone into dka and died in the middle of the night?

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