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[IP] Re: dropping pump

My six year old often leaves her Disetronic sitting on the table or
chair/sofa and forgets it when she hops up, dropping it to the floor
several times a day.  I've noticed that a drop or other hard knock will
make foamy bubbles rise in the reservoir, so I end up stopping the pump and
priming out dozens of tiny bubbles after every most bangs.  Other times I
wait til they gang up into one big bubble and then prime it out.  What a
waste of insulin, though.
Sara, just a thought, if you've just dropped yours for the 5th time while
reading digests, maybe it's time to check the old BG?  Or time for bed?

Mainly a list lurker,

Annie's mama, Charlotte
(six-year-old, dx'd at 3 and a half, Xmas 97, pumping since March!)

"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful!"

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