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[IP] Re: highs and lows: how do you feel!

Recently Ben asked:
> > when i am low,
> > sometimes it seems i have extreme mental clarity, and i sometimes come
up with
> > thoughts and ideas that i don't think i would have otherwise...
> > i was wondering if anyone else feels the same way...

 Keith Johnson replied:
> Oh, hey, no doubt about it! If I had absolute control over things, I'd
> maintain myself around 75 all the time! I'm a part-time writer, and I find
> my style is clearer and more entertaining, and I can think of better
> analogies and other literary objects, when I write when my BG is on the
> side. It's especially noticeable when I'm trying to write a planetarium
> script.
> And it's not just that I _feel_ like it's better at the time. I read the
> stuff later, and compare it with stuff I do at higher levels, and I can
> the difference. It's not great, but it's there.

Okay, wild theorizing time:
Franz Schubert used to sleep with his glasses on.  With the day's activities
behind, musical themes would come to him while asleep, or in that ethereal
state in-between sleep and wakefulness, and he would lose it all if he
wasted time finding his glasses so he could write them down.  Brain activity
associated with higher cognitive thinking, with its rules and conventions,
gets in the way of creative processes.  It is the higher levels of brain
activity that slows and shuts down first as low supplies of glucose, the
only fuel the brain can use, is conserved for life-sustaining functions.
The baser autonomic functions, along with the emotional and creative
processes, are maintained as long as possible.  With higher thinking out of
the way, creativity has fewer restrictions and is allowed unencumbered
free-association and free reign.  I have noticed, in addition to more
creativity, more emotionality.  Do the two go hand in hand with low bG?

John Kinsley
email @ redacted
Type 1 since 1956
MM 507 since 6/9/98

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