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Re: [IP]highs and lows - how do you feel

<<60-90 : THE ZONE. (a.k.a. Overclock Mode) I can learn a new programming 
language I've never seen anything like, and use it to write a module to 
speak Cantonese to a dishwasher and get it to dance a waltz in under 10 

I've also noticed that I'm at my most imaginative, creative, and productive 
at the early low range, which is in the sixties for me.  Lower than that 
and I get either hyperactive or turnip brain, depending on whether my bg is 
stable or dropping.  One time I dashed up a very steep mountain--Mission 
Peak at Sunol OSP for you Bay Area dwellers--much to my husband's 
amazement.  When I got to the top and tested I found my blood sugar in the 
forties.  I felt fine, if a little tired.  Other times I've passed out 

My guess is that this mental clarity thing is due to the release of 
adrenalin caused by lower blood sugars.  But it's not the same effect that 
doctors describe when they talk about adrenergic symptoms (symptoms related 
to the adrenal response).  They describe sweating, pallor, anxiety, hunger, 
etc.  I get those, too, but only when my bg is dropping rapidly.  The 
clarity comes when I'm operating at a stable blood sugar of around 65.

The interesting thing about pumping insulin is that we are an entirely new 
cohort.  Most of the literature written about diabetes care has been based 
on data from people who were on MDI or NPH/R 2 shots a day.  We exhibit 
different trends because we can maintain a blood sugar of 65 for more than 
an hour or so.  There's a lot to learn from that!


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