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Re: [IP] Mental clarity!!!!

I have experience both ends of the spectrum here.  Once I threw a shoe at my
husband and gave him a bloody nose (which I don't recall). My husband says I get
glassy looking eyes and  don't make sense.  I have laughed at things that were not
funny too.  Your posting though reminded me of a time when my blood sugar dropped
to around 25 and I felt like I was having this epiphany.....everything seemed
crystal clear like I could solve every problem the universe had.  My husband said
I was babbling sorta incoherently.  Still- I've had some of my greatest ideas when
my blood sugar was going on the low side.  Unfortunately, it is darn near
impossible to maintain w/out going too low.  I do know what you mean though about
occasionally having extreme mental clarity w/low blood sugar.  Too bad we couldn't
bottle it and sell it.

>  also, when i am low, sometimes it seems i have extreme mental clarity, and i
> sometimes come up with
> thoughts and ideas that i don't think i would have otherwise... i don't attempt
> hypoglycemia just to get a creative surge - don't get me wrong... but i just
> find that this seems to be an interesting phenomenon for me now, and i was
> wondering if anyone else feels the same way...

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