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Re: [IP] highs and lows - how do you feel?

On 9 Aug 00, at 12:03, Sara M. G. wrote:

> For example, I program for a living and I've noticed 
> the following trends to my mental acumen:
> 0-40    : Turnip Brain

This is the range where I've been told I sound and look like 
an "ol'time southern pulpit thumpin' preacher" and also develop
a really strange sense of humor.  Unfortunately, (or maybe 
fortunately for me) I don't remember much of what happens in 
this range except for the two day migrane that follows.

> 40-60   : Distracted, but active... wild tangential 
> thought processes firing off at light speed.

This range is when I seem to have my most wonderful and 
marvelous insights into God and the universe.  It's also the
range where my handwriting deteriorates so I never can decipher
my notes when I move back towards rationality.

> 60-90   : THE ZONE.  (a.k.a. Overclock Mode) I can 
> learn a new programming language I've never seen 
> anything like, and use it to write a module to speak 
> cantonesse to a dishwasher and get it to dance a waltz 
> in under 10 minutes.

This is the area where I write my best sermons, create 
the best database schemas and make the most creative 
contributions to projects.  It's also when those around
me get frustrated because I'm in overdrive and am quite
literally thinking several times faster than they are and 
I get really impatient because in the time they've read the
from line on a memo I've already digested it and drafted 
a reply...

> 90-150  : Standard Opperating Frequency.  I can crack 
> out code with the best of 'em, but nothing suprisingly 
> voodoo.

This is crank & grind range... just go and do it...  nothing flashy
and far out, just plain old words, code and sweat...

> 150-190 : Disinterrested.  Gimme some cartoons.

Want cartoons, diet drink, music, quiet and you Go away...  
> 190+    : Depending how long I've been here, anywhere 
> between the previous stage, and "JUST SHUT UP AND LEAVE 

This is the bleary "let me crawl under my desk and sleep in 
peace" range.  Usually I'm visibly affected too, like last
Thursday when I had one of those 386 fasting bg for no good 
reason at all.  All morning people were asking me "Are you 
getting sick?  You don't look good"...  as if I needed the news...

Rev. Randall Winchester
WD4HVA (email @ redacted)
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