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[IP] Antibody testing & vaccinations

I have 3 sons - Chris is almost 16, Eric is 14 (diagnosed at 20 months old) 
and Sean is 11 (diagnosed at 24 months old when Eric was 5).  I have always 
wondered if Eric and Sean's diabetes was triggered by vaccinations.  They 
obviously didn't get exposed to the same virus - Sean wasn't even thought of 
when Eric was diagnosed.

Chris has been tested regularly for antibodies since Eric was diagnosed 
(Chris was then 3 years old).  Here's what we've seen with him:

Year    Islet cell antibodies   Insulin autoantibodies  Insulin Production
1988    0                   0                       not tested
1991    40                  0                       ? normal
1992    0                   48                      117 normal
1993    0                   25                      99 normal
1994    0                   11                      148 normal
1995    0                   0                       not tested
1996    0                   0                       not tested
1998    0                   0                       not tested
2000    anxiously awaiting results :-)

I was told that islet cell antibodies < 10 is negative and insulin production 
measured by an intravenous glucose tolerance test should be above 60.  I was 
told that if antibodies are present but insulin production is normal, odds 
are 25% that you will develop diabetes.  I guess some people, like my son, 
have something happen to their immune system but then whatever is wrong 
rights itself.  

Hang in there Lisa.  Hopefully your little boy will not develop diabetes like 
his brother.  A positive antibody test doesn't make it a definite thing.

Pat McComas
email @ redacted
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