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>I don't think that testing 8-13 times a day is excessive.

I will try to test before a meal and three hours after the meal.  This
allows me to correct any mis- calculation I may make in counting carbs that
I eat.  This works fine for me except when I eat something extra or maybe
when I sleep in on a weekend and may get up in time to have lunch.  It
really is nice to have the flexibility to take part in each of these
options.  After 9 months on a pump I am very happy with my basil rates, carb
ratio, and correction rates.  I am still learning how to bolus for the extra
large dish of something that may have varying amounts of fat or an extra
large steak (protein).  Again it is wonderful to be able to eat these things
and check you sugar and see how well you estimated the results.

The best reason for me to be on a pump.  The thing I like best about it  I
can some up like this.   I have had Diabetes for 34 years.  Probably daily
someone concerned with me, Parent or my wife Nancy has asked me if I needed
to eat, or should I be eating that.  I was always made to feel like I was
cheating.  Now with the pump I can say no I do not need to eat, just because
it may be meal time I can make the decision to eat or not.  I can skip
breakfast if I want.  It is really nice not to have to do that after having
to take the time to do it for around 12,000 days.  Or when someone asks if I
should be or need to eat that.  I can say no I do not need to but I want to.
No mater how much you have to work at getting approved for a pump or how
much you have to work with your insurance company.  It is worth all the
aggravation in the world.

Test what is best for you, listen to the advice you receive from your
doctor, learn about your pump and make your decision that are best for you
from the information you have.  I pity anyone who would try to tell me I
could not use my pump.  Or tried to make me take it off.  I think I would
get ugly.

Thanks for letting me go on and on but I really do love everthing about this
pump and I love to tell everyone that I can about it.

Tom Carlson, Diabetic 34 years, pumping 9 months

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