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I often read, but rarely post.
I wanted to mention that I often have profound epiphanies when I am between 
59 and 90. I get fuzzy but very intense and mentally charged between 40-59. 
When I am 90 - 180 I can be normal or intense. Below 40 and I am in outer 
space. WHen I am over 180..my emotions become hostile and my hot headedness 
takes over. I am a PhD student and I can not study or read with BS over 180, 
I can not focus the same way.
I lose information when my BS is lower then 60, but still try to study.
My pump has helped prevent BS outside my optimal 60- 180.
It is all kind of intriguing...especially since much is said about lows and 
mental clarity and loss, but no data on highs and mental clarity lose. Also 
no information is out there about this profound mental epiphany space in the 
low normal area.
Thank You Michelle
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