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Re: [IP] re: diabetes & twins

A few thoughts on vaccinations.  Vaccinations are about public health.  There 
is always a small percentage of recipients who have "adverse reactions" to 
them.  This is the price that is paid for eliminating some of the nastiest 
infectious diseases.  However, if your children have the Type 1 gene, I would 
advise against vaccinations.  Of course, dealing with schools and camps 
without these vaccinations is another matter.  If I had to do it over, no 
vaccinations.  And no more for either kid from this point on.  My friend's 
kid was really damaged from his last DPT booster.  Big brain damage and other 
problems.  He is insured for life by the state now.  Barely able to be 
mainstreamed.  Brutal. 
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