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[IP] Re: Coke and peanuts

Recently Bonnie contributed:

> "Coke is the REAL thing!"  and if you yankees haven't tried it, one of the
> greatest treats in the world, is a small glass bottle of Coke, with what
> used to be a nickle size bag of peanuts poured in the top (you have to drink
> a little to get all the peanuts in).   You can't get the nickle bag anymore,
> and the only available bag from your local gas station is about twice the
> size you need.   Buy two little cokes and split the peanuts with a friend.
> Great Southern Treat!!!!  Better'n Moon Pies!
> Bonnie Richardson

Sorry to be so ignorant, but I gotta ask: the peanuts are shelled, right?

Keith Johnson
Former Yankee (well, Midwesterner), current Westerner
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