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Re: [IP] I need Everyones help-Please


Actually they are referring to talking pills and not insulin.  >From what I understand, if a person already has a class 1 license there are now exceptions for drivers who later need to go on insulin.

Not being an attorney I can't give an opinion but I'd guess it probably is legal.

With flying, the FAA is recently allowing diabetics on insulin to fly BUT I have not heard any exceptions for Commercial flying....

Jim S.
email @ redacted

Jimm Lubenow wrote:

Hi everyone,I applied for a job and was offered a position with a company. Today, after getting my physical results, they told me they couldn't hire me due to me being diabetic. They said that since I may occasionally have to drive a commercial vehicle, that the department of transportation would pass me on the physical. Is this legal? Who can I contact to help me in this? The company refrenced DOT regulation 391.43 saying that I couldn't use insulin only hypolycemic drugs. Isn't that what insulin is? Please help, Im really mad at the moment. Thanks in advance, JimmHook Em' Horns---