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Re: [IP] re: diabetes & twins

Lisa B. Gogan wrote:
> Natalie -
> I thought that if you did not have the gene, you would not get it.

That's right -- if you don't have the gene, you won't get it. But even
if you DO have the gene, you might not get it. That's why it's possible
for one identical twin to get it and the other not. If one twin meets
the trigger and the other one doesn't, then only the triggered twin will
get it. 

There have been families where a child gets DM-1 and is FOLLOWED by the
parent getting it as well -- probably they were both exposed to the same
trigger at the same time, but the child developed symptoms of DM more
quickly. The parent had been carrying the susceptibility genes all his
life, but had never been exposed to the trigger up till then.  
> A certain strain of cocksackie virus is what triggers the onset (at
> least one of the triggers). 

Yes, that seems to be true! Although it may not be the ONLY thing that
triggers Type 1.  
> My son Brenden who just turned one recently had hand, foot, and mouth
> virus which is a cocksackie virus, this is why I wanted him tested
> immediately.

Knowing that Andrew already has DM-1, which means that he has the
susceptibility genes, there is also a significant chance that Brenden
has the genes as well.  
> I hesitated to get the vaccinations for Brenden at 12 mos old, but,
> finally gave into them at 13 mos old after he got over the hand foot and
> mouth.  So at this point, no one can convince me that these are not
> related to the onset!!

They may well be related to the onset, although I think the case is
stronger for the coxsackie virus than the vaccinations. So he might have
been triggered by the coxsackie alone, regardless of whether or not he
got the vaccinations. At least there is a good rationale behind
vaccinating him for MMR (These diseases can go into complications that
cause brain damage or death, and mumps in adult males can result in
infertility), but the coxsackie virus is just plain bad luck!  
> We orginally had Brenden tested at 6 mos and all was well, so something
> did change within the past 6-7 mos.
Yes, obviously -- the antibody testing has confirmed that Brenden does
have the susceptibility to auto-immunity, and he was exposed to
something that can trigger it, and that, too is just plain bad luck. 

So all you can do is what the rest of us do -- cope with what you have
to cope with, and contribute whatever you can toward a cure! 
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