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Re: [IP] highs and lows - how do you feel?

> it recently occured to me that the way i think about being high and low
> sugars) have changed since I was first dx'd... i have, within the last
couple of
> years, noticed that when i am high, i do not (or i think i do not) have
> mental clarity i do when i am in the normal range... also, when i am low,
> sometimes it seems i have extreme mental clarity, and i sometimes come up
> thoughts and ideas that i don't think i would have otherwise... i don't
> hypoglycemia just to get a creative surge - don't get me wrong... but i
> find that this seems to be an interesting phenomenon for me now, and i was
> wondering if anyone else feels the same way... i also wonder with
> if i am subconsciously thinking that i SHOULD have less mental clarity
because i
> have read or heard this... any thoughts (no matter what your bg is at the
> you read this :)  ) would be appreciated!  Ben


One of the things that can play into this for many people is not where your
BG is at, but how rapidly it got there.  For some (don't know if this
applies to all...I know my endo says it is very common among his
patients...& once he explained it to me, my own fluctuating mental clarity
made a LOT more sense!), the "fogginess of brain" or the way the brain works
overall is affected to a great degree by the speed of the rollercoaster more
than by whether you are at the top of the hill or the bottom.  This is why
sometimes I start to "feel low" at 70, & other times I don't notice anything
& function very well until I check & find I'm at 30!   No, I don't make a
habit of running low...but that used to happen when I was doing a lot of
theatre w/ a heavy rehearsal schedule...the numbers would be creeping down
over a long period of time - & as long as that descent was happening at a
very slow pace, I wouldn't really show any signs of it until I was way down
there & then I would abruptly crash into mental chaos.  On the other hand,
if the drop is rapid (due to overbolus, big correction bolus, mis-figuring
exercise, miscounting carbs, or or maybe the position the planets are in at
midnight!), I can get the symptoms & sensations of being low, check & find
out I'm at 110 ...but if I don't do something (snack or glucose tabs) due to
those symptoms, in another 15 minutes I can be down to 50 or 60 & dropping.
The good thing is that, for me, those symptoms are VERY reliable...I've
learned (sometimes the hard way) to trust them even when the meter says
"You're fine."

As I said, I have been very mentally clear & capable at extreme lows...but
not so much when they happen quickly, & not when they reach "the point of no
return".  Highs, on the other hand, make me very sluggish, if they are
steady highs over a period of time...I move both physically & mentally then
on only two speeds - "slow" & "stop".


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