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[IP] re: pumping 2 weeks/highs

 How old is your daughter? Is it possible it's
hormones/period related? I know when I started pumping
my basals were extremely low after the first 2
days--from 0.9 down to 0.3-0.5, but only for the first
month..and we figured that was b/c the lente was
getting out of my system..now it's 0.7-0.8 usually.
Hormones, or maybe she's comign down with somethign?
If it makes you feel any better, I've been pumping
over a year and am at the "out of control" phase..but
today I figured out why I'm 400 this week...not just a
cold, but my period on top of that.... You never stop
learning, but thank God for temp. basals!
 Be careful and write down everything you do!
 Good luck

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