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[IP] pumping 2 weeks and high bgs

hi everyone

having a real hard time lately. eileens first 2 weeks were wonderful, 
excellent bgs 85-140. but since last week everythings gone crazy. always 
high after eating and very irregular bgs throughout the day, sometimes 
crashing late night. and to make it worse, her endo is on vacation until 
monday. i think her basal rates have to be adjusted. sometimes her bg will 
climb even if she doesnt eat. i think her basal is a little lower than what 
it should be regarding her weight. today woke up at 185, corrected, had 
breakfast, corn flakes ( the sweet one) bolused accrodingly and 1 1/2 hour 
later is 354! i though maybe i wasnt counting her carbs right  but am doing 
everything the way its supposed to be. bolused 4.0. her ratio for breakfast 
is 8 grms-1unit humalog.
she weighs 111 lbs and her basal rate is 0.8 the whole day except at 3:00 
a..m. to 11:00 a.m. her basal is up to 0.9. HELP!!!

worried mom
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