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[IP] Diet(?) Coke, 7 Up, water

I could never understand why the choices, when dinning out, were Diet
coke (or Pepsi, depending on their pusher), water, tea, or coffee if you
did not want sugar.  I don't really want hot coffee when the temp is 110
outside.  Why would they have 32 flavors (almost) of sugar soda and only
one of diet?  I don't believe dm'ers are the only ones who do not want
sugar.  I always thought that they should have a choice, one with
caffeine and one without (diet 7 up(?), which is made by pepsi anyway

I have noticed that their are many on this list who do not want to drink
water.  I too have never been one to drink water.  I knew that you
should drink 8 glasses/day and that caffeine is a diuretic (as are most
soda's) and actually raises the water you need.  I was expressly ordered
by my doc to drink a minimum of a half gallon, to a gallon, of
water/day.  Not really wanting to, I did, and also cut down from 64
ounces of coffee/day to 12.

It has been a huge help.  Not only with my dm, but with many things.  I
have always had a hard time counting money.  I need to count down my
employees when they check our, and they often have $20,000.  I had to
continually lick my fingers and use the stickum to not miss any.  My
hands are no longer dry, and counting is now easy.  I have also lost 12
pounds in weight, and actualy feel much better.  It may be subjective,
but it seems that my bg's are easier to control, which may be a
combination of the losing weight and a few other things.

One thing that I have also noticed, for dm'ers, is that it is much
easier to get the required blood for a good sample.  I always had
problems with getting enough, even after doing all the suggestions and
would often have to poke 3 or 4 times.  With no other changes besides
drinking the water I should, and shaving down my callouses less often, I
rarely have to poke more than once and quickly get a good drop.

Maybe the Mormons are right.  I was a mmber of the LDS church for
awhile, and quit because I didn't go along with some of their teachings,
including no caffeine, which many of them ignore anyway.  I does seem to
me, YMMV, that less caffeine and more water is a great help, at least
for me..
Jack Granowski
email @ redacted
The crisis you have to worry about most is the one you don't see coming.

 - Mike Mansfield

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