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Re: [IP] highs and lows - how do you feel?

I have *somewhat* seen the same, though I think it's 
more a matter of noticing distinct stages now where I 
didn't before (In My Case).

For example, I program for a living and I've noticed 
the following trends to my mental acumen:

0-40    : Turnip Brain

40-60   : Distracted, but active... wild tangential 
thought processes firing off at light speed.

60-90   : THE ZONE.  (a.k.a. Overclock Mode) I can 
learn a new programming language I've never seen 
anything like, and use it to write a module to speak 
cantonesse to a dishwasher and get it to dance a waltz 
in under 10 minutes.

90-150  : Standard Opperating Frequency.  I can crack 
out code with the best of 'em, but nothing suprisingly 

150-190 : Disinterrested.  Gimme some cartoons.

190+    : Depending how long I've been here, anywhere 
between the previous stage, and "JUST SHUT UP AND LEAVE 

> ***********************************************
> it recently occured to me that the way i think 
> about being high and low (blood sugars) have 
> changed since I was first dx'd...  i have, within 
> the last couple of years, noticed that when i 
> am high, i do not (or i think i do not) have the
> mental clarity i do when i am in the normal range... 
> also, when i am low, sometimes it seems i have 
> extreme mental clarity, and i sometimes come up
> with thoughts and ideas that i don't think i would 
> have otherwise... i don't attempt hypoglycemia 
> just to get a creative surge - don't get me wrong... 
> but i just find that this seems to be an 
> interesting phenomenon for me now, and i was
> wondering if anyone else feels the same way... 
> i also wonder with hyperglycemia if i am 
> subconsciously thinking that i SHOULD have less 
> mental clarity because i have read or heard this... 
> any thoughts (no matter what your bg is at the
> time you read this :)  ) would be appreciated!  Ben

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