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[IP] highs and lows - how do you feel?

it recently occured to me that the way i think about being high and low (blood
sugars) have changed since I was first dx'd... i have, within the last couple of
years, noticed that when i am high, i do not (or i think i do not) have the
mental clarity i do when i am in the normal range... also, when i am low,
sometimes it seems i have extreme mental clarity, and i sometimes come up with
thoughts and ideas that i don't think i would have otherwise... i don't attempt
hypoglycemia just to get a creative surge - don't get me wrong... but i just
find that this seems to be an interesting phenomenon for me now, and i was
wondering if anyone else feels the same way... i also wonder with hyperglycemia
if i am subconsciously thinking that i SHOULD have less mental clarity because i
have read or heard this... any thoughts (no matter what your bg is at the time
you read this :)  ) would be appreciated!  Ben

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