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Re: [IP] High Blood Sugars after eating -- esp. breakfast

email @ redacted wrote:
> <<My solution to this now is to bolus 1.5u when getting
> out of bed whether I eat right away or not.>>
> I think you should adjust your basal rate rather than the bolus. When you are in good health and your basal is set right, you should never go that high when you don't eat. If I were you, I would check the basal rate for early mroning out.

The problem is that basal needs can change as your schedule varies.
During the school year, I get up at 6 AM, and eat breakfast whereas
during the summer I get up at 8 or 9 AM. I discovered that my usual
basal, which drops dramatically as soon as I get up, had to be changed
to accommodate summer: I extended the higher night-time rate for 2
hours. Otherwise I was waking up high because my basal dropped while I
was still asleep and the dawn effect had a chance to hit.

I don't know about people whose schedules vary from day to day, but I
suspect that some people's bodies respond rapidly to change, and so they
need to vary what they do day by day -- a pre-programmed basal may not
be adequate.


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