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Re: [IP] re: diabetes & twins

Lisa B. Gogan wrote:
>  The one
> that came back positive for him was the insulin autoantibody.  So we are
> in "watch" mode for symptoms, and will retest in about 4-6 mos.  I
> really wanted the gene testing. 


The antibody testing is far more informative than gene testing would be. 

The reason is that just having the gene markers does NOT predict whether
or not a person will get Type 1 diabetes or any other auto-immune

To get Type 1, a person must have the genes, yes, but must ALSO
encounter whatever environmental trigger it is that turns those genes
on. No one is yet certain what that trigger is, or even if there is only
one, so it can't be avoided, at this point, BUT it can't be predicted to
occur, either.  

I'm really sorry your baby came back positive on one antibody, but at
least you have the solid information that he is at risk, and you know
what to watch for. Obviously, I wouldn't wish diabetes on any child, but
at least I'm glad YOU'RE his mother, and I'm sure you'll take good care
of him no matter what!


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