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RE: [IP] FastTake

Bonnie Richardson [mailto:email @ redacted] wrote:

> I have been testing since last night with both meters and 
> have found the
> FastTake runs about 15-20 points behind the Accutek 
> Advantage.  No biggie to
> me.  I will adapt.  

This isn't really a specific response, but I thought it might be appropriate
to cross post a response I made to another list regarding the comparison of
readings from different meters.  My apologies in advance if this offends
anyone.  Adaptation is, indeed, the most important thing we do with this
damned disease!


> I've been testing with both 
> to compare and
> this morning the Advantage read 136 and the At Last read 96.  

A classic case in point about comparing meters.  SMBG* meters are in the
waived category of laboratory test systems, and as such have an approximate
precision of +/- 20% (see note below).  

     96 + .2(96) = 115
    136 - .2(136)= 109

The ranges overlap and therefore are not significantly different from each
other, that is both meters are accurate within the limits of their

This is a matter of precision, not accuracy.  There is no way to tell in
such situations which is more accurate, which is why one should not compare
one meter against another to determine accuracy.

Note: the specific standard for qualifying for waived status is that the
device be within 5% of a standard (i.e. moderate complexity laboratory
determination adjusted for serum/blood differences) 50% of the time.  The
problem is, we don't know which 50% is which.  FWIW, there is one meter
(Precision?) that is now advertising a precision of 3% half of the time.
They would not be able to make that claim unless they can back it up with

*SMBG - Self Monitoring of Blood Glucose.

Jim Handsfield
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
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mailto:email @ redacted

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