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[IP] FastTake

SNIP>>>>>>>From: "Kimberly Stocker"
Subject: [IP] What's the Latest in Blood Sugar Monitors? Can anyone tell me
the best, easiest, least time-consuming, least
> invasive, latest-greatest for testing blood sugar? anything that PREVENTS
having to stick your finger?  .<<<<<<SNIP

We are all waiting on the non-invasive, continuous monitoring system worn
like a watch that gives us bg anytime.........CGMS is out now through your
doctor. I am afraid sticking your finger is still the way to go.   Check
MiniMed's web page for more info. 

I love my brand new FastTake----tiny little thing, tests in 15 seconds, easy
to carry around, although I have not recieved the case.  I do/did use
Accutake Advantage with comfort curve strips and keep one at the office and
one at home.    I wrote LIFESCAN and told them I wanted to trade an old one
touch profile for the new FastTake and that I tested 8-10 daily.  They
emailed me back and said they are sending 2 FastTakes since I test so much.
However, they are so popular they are backordered and I have received
everything in bits and pieces.  I now have, after 4 shipments almost a whole
kit, penlet, strips came last night, FastTake monitor, video, control
liquid, manual.   I am still waiting on the great little case, and the
second FastTake.  They said everything was on order and would be shipped
when it came in. 

I have been testing since last night with both meters and have found the
FastTake runs about 15-20 points behind the Accutek Advantage.  No biggie to
me.  I will adapt.  

Anyway, the FastTake is really neat and fits in my purse.  You can test
without taking it out of the small case.  So indiscretion is easy!  

Let us all know if you find anyone who has the GCMS on their on.  
Bonnie Richardson  

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