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Re: [IP] Diet Coke raising BS!

In a message dated 8/9/00 3:09:47 AM !!!First Boot!!!, email @ redacted 

<< ve been drinking Diet Coke since it came out, and had no problems with it 
 affecting my bg levels until last year when they changed something...  I've 
 been periodically checking to see if they've changed it back.  But they 
 have enough sugar to turn the test strips bright blue, and they'll raise my 
 bg from 70 to over 300 if I just drink one 12 oz. can.   So I guess you 
 can consider me to be an unhappy CocaCola customer... and like most big 
 companies they don't seem to care since they never sent me the information 
 they promised and in fact they laid off most of the people that I had been 
 talking to about the problem.   >>

This situation mades me so mad.  When I called the FDA to report this, the 
complaint coordinator told me they have heard from other diabetics the same 
thing and some amount of sugar is allowed.  I asked for the report that 
states "that amount" and it was never sent.  There is the Freedom of Info. 
Act which means they have to send it to me, but they didn't and it was going 
to cost me $$ to pursue it.  I even contacted attorneys, but they said no 
damage was done so I didn't have a case.  My son's sugars were registering 
all the way up to "HI" on the meter drinking diet Dr. Brown's Black Cherry 
for 5 days.   I'd say damage was done!  
   My main concern though is for diabetics who drink one after the other; 
what would that do to their blood sugar?  I shudder to think!
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