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Re: [IP] Diet Coke raising BS!

On 8 Aug 00, at 1:38, gene kropfelder wrote:

> "and they
> suddenly started turning the one-touch test strips bright blue and making
> my bg go through the roof. I contacted the Coca-Cola company ". Am I reading
> this right? You stated "they" turned your one touch strips blue??! I believe
> the strips are made and marketed to ONLY measure blood glucose levels! Not
> foods or drinks! Or am I completely misunderstanding your message. I am a
> compulsive diet coke drinker, in fact, my endo tells me to drink even more
> if I have a high reading to flush out my system and rid it of any possible
> DKA complications. Been drinking it non-stop for over 10 years, and have
> never had a high reading from them. Only from certain foods, and then
> probably cause I didn't bolus enough!

I checked initally with a one-touch test strip - they turn bright blue if the
liquid contains sugar - this has been discussed many times in the three years 
I've been on the list and is also mentioned in many "tips and tricks" 
brochures and books for diabetics.  It's how many of us have determined 
that restaurants and other places don't always give you diet drinks when 
you ask for them.  You don't get a quantitative measurment but if the strip 
changes color (you can use the urine test strips too) then that means the 
liquid has sugar in it...  and yes, the diet cokes from the bottling plants in 
this area do contain sugar - and almost as much carbohydrate as non-diet 
drinks - and they get away with calling them diet.  I've talked to a couple 
of other diabetics in the area who were having unexplained highs and they 
also finally tracked it down to the diet cokes...  and I also checked the diet 
cokes later with urine test strips and they changed colors too.

What I think happened is that the CocaCola company changed their vendor 
for the aspartame and switched to one who uses a combination of sucrose 
(plain old sugar) and dextrose or maltose as a carrier (mixed with the 
aspartame to give it bulk and make it easier to handle) and since it's not 
primarily sucrose they can continue to call it "diet" even though both of 
those ingredients will raise your bg...  

Prior to last year when they made the change, I would usually drink a 2 liter 
bottle a day...  and then one day we had just bought another week's supply 
from the grocery, I was doing my basal rate check and got a midmorning 
high of over 400 - and all I'd had to drink or eat that morning was water 
and Diet Coke...  and my bg continued to go up, through two set changes, 
skipping lunch and large boluses.  Finally I ran out of diet coke because I 
was drinking it to help flush my system...  Surprise! When I switched to 
water my bg started dropping - and when I got home I checked a bottle 
from the cabinet and it caused the test strip to turn blue just like the non-
diet Coke that we'd gotten at the same time.  Diet Dr. Pepper didn't turn 
the strip blue and neither did Diet Pepsi, Diet Mt. Dew or Diet Barq's...  
Only the non-diet drinks and Diet Coke contained enough sugar to turn the 
strip blue.  It took a few weeks to find out that the caffeine free Diet 
Cokes from two of the four bottling plants didn't contain enough sugar to 
turn the strip blue or raise my bg, so I've been drinking them instead.  And 
we've tested to make sure that it isn't the caffeine - I can drink several 
cups of coffee and it has no effect (I don't care for coffee, though).  

I've been drinking Diet Coke since it came out, and had no problems with it 
affecting my bg levels until last year when they changed something...  I've 
been periodically checking to see if they've changed it back.  But they still 
have enough sugar to turn the test strips bright blue, and they'll raise my 
bg from 70 to over 300 if I just drink one 12 oz. can.   So I guess you 
can consider me to be an unhappy CocaCola customer... and like most big 
companies they don't seem to care since they never sent me the information 
they promised and in fact they laid off most of the people that I had been 
talking to about the problem.  

Rev. Randall Winchester
WD4HVA (email @ redacted)
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