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In a message dated 8/3/00 9:01:13 AM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< SNIP>>>>>>>>>>>>what I was told by the dietician, the CDE doesn't like us 
 > fast, just try to eat 3 meals a day at approximately the same time each
 You know, I have ignored this statement the 3-4 times it has been mentioned.
 But I just can't stand not putting my nickels worth in about it.  The whole
 point of wearing a pump, 6 days or 6 years, is to grant freedom from this
 very thing.  >>

When I first went on the pump, I put myself on a schedule -- constant 
carbohydrates, low-fat -- so that I could more quickly adjust my basals and 
determine my ratios. Took about two weeks. After that, it was back to my 
regular schedule -- which is to say no schedule at all. When I need to, I do 
fasting test now.  But perhaps the original poster just meant that the 
schedule was to make initial adjustments.

Jan and Elvis
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