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Re: [IP] What's the Latest in Blood Sugar Monitors?

 >Can anyone tell me the best, easiest, least time-consuming, least
 >invasive, latest-greatest for testing blood sugar?

I've been very happy with my MediSense Precision QID.  I've been using it 
for more than 4 years now.  You need only a small amount of blood (5ml) and 
you have the chance to add more if you need to.  The test takes 20 seconds. 
It has only one button, and there is a smaller version of the machine 
that's about the size of a pen.

But the best thing about it is the software for displaying test data in 
different ways.  You just download the data from the machine to your 
computer. You tell it what you consider your target range for various hours 
and it displays a chart of what percentage of test were in range, low, and 
high.  It shows all kinds of charts and graphs for any date range you 
want.    You can see trends by day, by hour, by week, by month, whatever 
you want.  The only thing I'd like is the ability to specify a particular 
test as 'pre-dinner' or 'post-lunch.'  As it is, you need to set up certain 
hours of the day that count as pre-dinner, pre-lunch, etc.

If you want to use the software yourself you need to buy the interface, 
which runs about $200, I think.  Amortized over the time you'll be using 
the machine it doesn't amount to that much, though.

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