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Re: [IP] using strip to test drink

I carry LaCroix flavored water or Naya plain water in a big mug with ice.
Once I got off of diet coke (it was playing havoc with my teeth and
stomach) I can't stand the taste of them anymore. And nice refreshing water
is- in my doctor's opinion- healthier for the kidneys. I drink 8 or more
glasses per day. No coffee anymore as it plays havoc with my gastroparesis.
But once a month a do treat myself to a cappacino de-caf and to a small
glass of Mug or A&W root beer. but no more coke products after what I saw
it did to my teeth. 
I can't handle aspartame (nutra sweet)  so if I want a iced tea I use
stevia which I find quite good in certain things. 
YMMV it seems :)
My only problem now is the prednisone which had to be increased so now more
testing and candida and thrush. 

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