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[IP] using strip to test drink

before there is any more confusion...

Many of us who use the one touch profile meter utilize our USED strips to 
test soft drinks for sugar.  Just in case you were confused. we do NOT put 
the drop in the little circle on the front of the strip where you normally 
put the drop of blood, now do we expect the meter to give us a reading of how 
much sugar is in the soda.  

Rather, we put a tiny drop of suspicious soda on the BACK of a USED strip.  
If it turns blue/purple, then the soda has some kind of sugar in it.  A 
caveat though, the drop has to be tiny.  If it is big enough to spread to the 
purple circle where the ACTUAL blood was, THEN the drop WILL turn colors as 
if it had sugar in it. And if you have added lemon to your soda...all bets 
are off.. while minute, the lemon does have some carb in it.

When I do get a soda that turns my strip blue/purple, I do the same thing 
with a drop of water, so I can SHOW the server what I expect my diet soda to 
look like.  When they SEE the comparison, usually their eyes pop out of their 

They can SAY they served you diet coke. and in many cases, they are 
RIGHT...they did push the diet coke button....if your second drink again does 
not pass the test, you can ask them to see if the line is plugged into REAL 
coke.  Sometimes it is, and you can bitch out the manager, but sometimes the 
distributor may have just put REAL coke in the box marked diet coke...it is a 
crap shoot....cuz we don't make enough fuss about it..."for god's sake, why 
do we need a DIET coke to go with our 45 fat grams worth of french fries?" 
(many people THIKN we must be on a diet cuz we want "diet" coke....which is 
why i loved TAB so much...it wasn't a "diet" drink...)

I hate having to drink water...and let my displeasure be known...and when 
they CHARGE me for the soda I couldn't drink, I raise BIG hell...

:-)=B xoxx~~~~~~[507]

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