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Re: [IP] What's the Latest in Blood Sugar Monitors?

Well, sence it is just before lunch here, I sent the abbreviated letter, but
for got to write my reply....
I use the WinGlucoFacts, and the DEX meter...Many CDEs have told me that the
Complete and Profile really gives them more than they need as re; long term
patients who they know, so the trends and graphs of the Bgs themselves are
   I think if 20 seconds is too long in your opinion to spend on your
health, then the googaas and all for downloads and such would be too much
for you as well. My meter takes 30 seconds, yes the finger or palm has to be
stuck, but y'know, I'd rather do that than have a dialysis fistula hammered
into my arm. I'm WORTH the few minutes a day for the BG tests.
   I LOVE the idea of an electronic bg meter that looks like an organizer,
and actually some folks use software for their Palm Pilot....maybe we can
talk the companies into making a special "card" that will do the BG
tests--attached to a Palm5, or by that time Palm 6-7? Cool.
   I went out and blew $80.00 for the Instant, and gave it to my
neighbour...a busy mother of three, and she STILL said that she hadn't time
to do the tests (!!!) Sorry to say but she is now quite ill with infections
and eye problems and can no longer take her kids out in the van.
   The DEX and Comfort Curves and now the Fasdraw strips for the FasTake
meter are all quit easey to use and if you want a short test time, basic
features and small size, check out the FasTake Meter. Big display and the
tests take about 15 seconds.
Pommy Mommy.
Jenny S.
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