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[IP] Re: shoes and foot care

My doctor told me to wear a good leather shoe with a good sole. I use
Birkenstocks and New Balance. And have a good pair of Swedish clogs. And
one pair of shoes for diabetics which have a light weight outside and
velcro closures. But I was never told to buy a specfic brand. He did make
me some special inner soles which are great ( I can't think of what they
are called right now) I cannot wear them with my clogs but with my other
shoes I can.
Also an xray was done to see if I have bone breaking down in my feet and
the xray shows I do so that is what the special insoles were made. I also
have sever neuropathhy in my toes so 3 times a year he gives me a shot. in
my toe area. Also I go to him to have my nails cut to prevent ingrown
nails. And my feet look very nice.
I also buy socks for people with diabetes as they are not so tight around
the ankles or around the feet.
Foot care is very important. I finally was able to get the skin on my soles
back to "normal" buy using a special prescription cream
email @ redacted

At 12:31 PM 08/07/2000 -0700, you wrote:
>Does anybody use Vibram Soled shoes? My Podiatrist
>recommended I wear rubber soled dress & sport shoes
>because of Diabetes. Specifically, shoes with
>Vibram Soles that have a stiff heel counter, removable
>insoles that have mid-foot stability and control. Did
>anyone else get the same recommendation, or have them.
>He advised to get Allen Edmond shoes which are quite

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