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[IP] Sorry, my mistake!

<A naturist is someone who enjoys clothing optional recreations whenever
possible (I have yet to figure out
where to hang my pump :-)  A "naturalist" is someone who studies nature
(usually with their clothes on, I would expect).

Just thought I would let you know.  Many people confuse this, even some who
practice naturism!>

I am printing a retraction.  I am sorry that I got you naturists and
naturalists confused. There's a club on campus that is always looking to go
nude bowling and they call themselves naturalists. I take this as proof that
they are really just looking to see people "naked".  (What happens if someone
bungles the ball??? Try explaining that in the emergency room)
I will strive to be more accurate in the future. : )
Where do naturists hang their pumps???

Sherry C.
The ever-so-sophisticated gal from the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
Glad she wears clothes so she can hang her pump somewhere.

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