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[IP] Special Shoes

SNIP>>>>>From: Kevin <email @ redacted>
Subject: [none]
Does anybody use Vibram Soled shoes? My Podiatrist
recommended I wear rubber soled dress & sport shoes
because of Diabetes. Specifically, shoes with
Vibram Soles that have a stiff heel counter, removable
insoles that have mid-foot stability and control. Did
anyone else get the same recommendation, or have them.
He advised to get Allen Edmond shoes which are quite
I don't have the special shoes but have special custom made orthopodic
inserts ($175) I have to wear & get new ones made every few years.  My
insurance did pay for it because the doc said I had to have them to
function.   I had to give up high heels, ALL Heels over 3/4"!   Missed them
desperately for about 3 weeks and now would never go back. Doc recommended
some special shoes but I said no...that will never work with dress clothes.

Maybe you could ask about the orthopedic inserts instead. 
Bonnie Richardson

Bonnie Richardson
Contracts Administrator
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