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Re: [IP] Diet Coke raising BS!

In a message dated 8/8/00 5:42:26 AM !!!First Boot!!!, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< suddenly started turning the one-touch test strips bright blue and making
 my bg go through the roof. I contacted the Coca-Cola company ". Am I reading
 this right? You stated "they" turned your one touch strips blue??! I believe
 the strips are made and marketed to ONLY measure blood glucose levels! Not
 foods or drinks! Or am I completely misunderstanding your message. I am a
 compulsive diet coke drinker, in fact, my endo tells me to drink even more
 if I have a high reading to flush out my system and rid it of any possible
 DKA complications. Been drinking it non-stop for over 10 years, and have
 never had a high reading from them. Only from certain foods, and then
 probably cause I didn't bolus enough!
     Rosemary K

I think what he meant was he checks diet sodas with urine testing strips.  
This is what we do.  I always check the sodas with "Clinistix" which test 
glucose in urine and will detect any sugar in soda.  It will detect any sugar 
(natural or otherwise).
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