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[IP] What's the Latest in Blood Sugar Monitors?

Can anyone tell me the best, easiest, least time-consuming, least
invasive, latest-greatest for testing blood sugar? Is anyone using (or
testing or aware of any beta-tests for) anything that PREVENTS having to
stick your finger? (I was reading the Animas site and saw that they're
anticipating the implant for testing blood sugars out in 2002.) Forgive
my ignorance, but I drop out of the diabetic set for a year or so at a
time (so much for denial) then I surface to hear the latest.

I used the earliest version of the "One Touch Profile Life Scan" and
really liked it. At first I was good about using the logging feature
that allowed you to tag the pre & post meals, exercise, etc... However,
I got to where I quit using it (too difficult to correct errors).  I
also was looking for an easy computer interface to use... didn't get
there with the One Touch.

So I then tried the Accu-Check "Complete". And although I wanted SO MUCH
for it to work and I wanted to buy the software to use the download
functions, etc  (and I'm actually quite technically inclined)  it just
was too time consuming - I didn't have the time to mess with the three
buttons. And, if I made a mistake, although it was easier to correct
than the One Touch Profile, it still seemed too time consuming to fix.

(Why aren't there any monitors designed that look like an electronic

I currently use the Accu-Check "Advantage" and I like the Comfort Curve
strips. However, even at 20 seconds for a reading, it seems too long.

I have given up on any machines with easy interfacing options, but it's
been a couple of years since I looked at the latest/greatest for ease of
use and tracking. So, if there's something out there that everyone knows
about, again, please bear with me.

Many thanks - Kimberly

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