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[IP] medicare + my aunt = Pump after 49 years!

I got the most wonderful phone call this afternoon. My 68 year old aunt,
who has been Type 1 for 49 years, called to tell me that she is finally
getting a pump now that medicare is covering them. Yippee!  I'm so happy
for her. She's been having a really rough time with her control lately, and
her endo agreed that she should have a pump. She's been using the exchange
system all this time. She is going to learn to count carbs -- I can't wait
to watch the possibilities unfold for her. Fortunately, I'll be able to
help her since she only lives about 10 miles away. 

She's not computer literate - yet - so I'm printing off some of the FAQs
and Howtos from the website to give to her.  Oh, she's going to feel so
much better!

Mary Jean
type 1 for 10 years, pumping for 3 1/2 years.

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