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Re: [IP] hives

You might want to ask your doctor to test you for "Chronic Uticaria".  It's 
an auto-immune process and since diabetes is too, we diabetics are sometimes 
more prone to other disorders of autoimmunity.  I started getting hives 3 
years ago, about 6 months after starting my pump and I too thought it was a 
reaction to the tubing, catheter, etc.  After many doctor visits(allergist, 
rheumatoligist, dermatoligist) I was diagnosed with "chronic uticaria"  
which just means chronic itching.  Great, I said, so now I take 
antihistamines and it's a lot better.  But no prednisones(too many side 
effects)  Hopefully,  you won't have this bothersome problem. (By the way, 
there is no cure, you just treat the symptoms ie antihistamines)
good health to you,

>From: "RoseLea" <email @ redacted>
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>Subject: Re:  [IP] hives
>Date: Sun, 6 Aug 2000 20:32:10 -0400
>I am just getting over my first case of hives.  I wondered about my insulin
>(I've been on humalog for 2 1/2 months since starting pumping) and used
>Regular and NPH prior.  My dr's office said that if it was from the 
>it would have started sooner than 2 1/2 months and that I would have broken
>out at the site rather than all over my body as I did.  The dr at the 
>Care Center I went to for help told me that hives can be caused by many
>things... allergic reaction can be from things eaten and inhaled.  I never
>thought of breathing in something that I could be allergic to and have a
>reaction of hives to it.  We'll probably never know what caused my case of
>hives, but I was given a prescription for Zyrtec (to help the itching, even
>the palms of my hands itched) and for Methylprednisolone Pak (which played
>havoc with my bg's but you only take it for 6 days and it did wonders for
>the discomfort of my hives).  Now I'm waiting to see what will happen when
>I'm done with the medication and if the hives are truly gone.  Good luck.
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