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Re: [IP] Autonic bladder

At 11:32 AM 8/6/00 -0400, you wrote:
 >I'm concerned about a diagnosis I was given by a urologist. Urodynamic tests
 >indicated autonic (spelling) bladder

Is it possible that the diagnosis was atonic bladder?  This would be 
another way to describe what the medical professional apparently calls 
detrusor underactivity, a type of incontinence that can be caused by 
diabetic neuropathy, among other things.

Gosh, I just love learning about all the fun new complications I might get!

Anyway, here's what I found in the Merck Manual 
http://www.merck.com/pubs/mmanual/section17/chapter215/215c.htm.  There was 
no mention of any link to kidney failure.

CAUTION: Medical Mumbo Jumbo below

Detrusor underactivity sufficient to cause urinary retention and overflow 
incontinence occurs in about 5% of incontinent persons. Causes include 
injury to the nerves supplying the bladder (eg, by disk compression or 
tumor involvement) or the autonomic neuropathy of diabetes, pernicious 
anemia, Parkinson's disease, alcoholism, and tabes dorsalis. In men with 
chronic outlet obstruction, the detrusor may be replaced by fibrosis and 
connective tissue, so the bladder fails to empty even when the obstruction 
is removed. In women, detrusor underactivity is usually idiopathic.

Symptoms of severe detrusor underactivity (eg, urgency, frequency, 
nocturia) may mimic those of detrusor overactivity, and urinary retention 
must be excluded before initiating treatment. Less severe degrees of 
bladder weakness are common in older women. Although mild weakness does not 
cause incontinence, it can complicate treatment if other causes of 
incontinence also exist.


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