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Re: [IP] ultraflex/ultex?

--- email @ redacted wrote:
> Which is it?  And what is it?  Has anyone tried it?

 I saw the new ultraflex infusion set by Disetronics
at the Endo 2000 show. It is similar to the soft-set
put out by Minimed but with some improvements (In my
opinion anyway, YMMV).
 The UltraFlex set is put in manually and has a short
( varying lengths, 6mm, 8mm...) teflon tube that goes
subcutaneous(just under the skin) at 90 degrees. The
best way to describe it is that it looks like a
push-pin that you use on cork boards. You hang onto
the end to insert it, then take the pin (needle)part
out and the flexible teflon tube remains under the
skin and the tape part is similar to the Comfort or
 ***One big difference is that the needle part has a
bevelled edge and goes in very easily without needing
a lot of force, unlike the soft-set which uses an
inserter that you need to buy and has a rather blunt
end on it which can leave more of a hole in your skin
when taken out.
 Once in, it lays flat and can be disconnected at the
site the same as the Comfort or Silhouette. Yahoo, I
like this part too!!
 I am looking forward to trying it out. I think it
will make using butt sites much easier as I do not
handle the metal infusion sets very well. Definitely
worth it to try it because of the comfort aspect of
insertion plus the fact that it can be quickly
released at the site and hooked back up just as fast
without having to use a new set.
.......Carolyn......Happily pumping 8 months today!!!

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