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Re: [IP] Fresca?

On 7 Aug 00, at 10:42, email @ redacted wrote:

> << Has anyone had trouble with Fresca (the softdrink) and BG?  It says on the 
> can that it has 0 carbs but I find that hard to believe when the last time I 
> drank it my BG shot through the roof! I did check the can after and read that 
> there is some juice concentrate in it..but wouldn't it have the carbs listed 
> then?
> My son had the same problem with diet Dr. Brown's.  I made a huge stink about 
> it to the company, the FDA, the media, etc.  The FDA told me that diet sodas 
> are allowed to have "some" sugar in it and not be labelled as such.  My son's 
> sugars went to the 500s drinking these diet sodas (on MDI).  Now we stick to 
> diet sodas that don't have natural flavorings in them.  

I had to stop drinking diet Coke with caffeine because of the same reason.  
Apparently they changed their formulation back last December - they 
suddenly started turning the one-touch test strips bright blue and making 
my bg go through the roof.  I contacted the CocaCola company and they sent 
a rep to pick up the ones I was complaining about and sent me a bunch of 
coupons to replace them.  They've never told me what was going on even 
though they promised me a quick response... Since then I've periodically 
checked and they are still turning the strips bright blue.  Oddly enough, the 
caffeine free ones don't affect the test strips...  it's back to "drinker 
beware" because what we think we're getting from the label information 
isnt' what's in the can or two liter bottle.

Rev. Randall Winchester
WD4HVA (email @ redacted)
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