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[IP] little guys and crazy moms

Braden's frazzled om wrote:

>  I found a half eaten peanutbutter sandwich on the floor yesterday
> son woke up high so I gave him a couple units of humalog and 
> waited 20 min.  Time to eat and Braden decides to eat
>  everything with no carbs (sausage and eggs) 

a)  crazy kid wasting good peanut butter...

b) maybe wait to bolus for meals until AFTER he has eaten????  H works pretty 
fast and at least then you KNOW you wont have to chase a low

c)  when he wakes up HIGH, and you still have breakfast to get into 
him..bolus only conservatively for the high...then oblus for meal and if he 
is still high 2-3 hours later...fix it then...better -WAY WAY WAY better for 
a little kid to be on the HIGH side, rather than crashing...brain cells ya 

>  I about went berserk trying to get him to eat
>  before he went low.  Now I feel so guilty.  

DON'T FEEL GUILTY (not yelling - just being emphatic) Just from that sentence 
alone, I'd say screw pre meal boluses...wait til he is done...no point in you 
getting your bp up and him thinking you are a mean old ogre!!  Besides you 
don't want to have to chase him down to force candy or cookies or something 
sweet down his throat...that is how skinny diabetic kids turn into fat 
diabetics...we chase lows with food our body doesnt need for energy, so it is 
stored as fat

>  like diabetes is winning.  

Diabetes only wins if you let it...you are the only one who can control it 
now, so for your peace of mind, do what works best for you....like I said 
high bgs will do LESS damage in the long run to a little kid, than hypos!!  
maybe raise his target range so you dont teeter on that dangerous 70/80 

> I hope those of you who were diabetics as
>  children don't think I'm awful!

I was and I don't

Sara SP
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