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Re: [IP] Thanks to Kelly!

In a message dated 08/07/2000 11:50:46 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Kelly,
     Downloaded the carb ratio information yesterday. Thank-you so much for
 sending it so promptly! Now, I realize I have to get a gram scale. Ok,
 where's the best and hopefully cheapest place to find one of these critters?
 Are they large, or do you take them with you when eating out? Thanks again!
     Rosemary K.

I got my scale from Lechters, I think.  It's a regular kitchen scale that 
measures grams.  I think it was probably around $15-$20.  There are 
electronic ones that cost about $40.  My CDE actually sells them.  You could 
probably start off with a regular kitchen scale that can be found at a 
K-mart, Target or other type of store with a kitchen section.  I'm so glad 
you're anxious to use the carb list!

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